Bright minds, big ideas

How to sell m&m’s on a climate march to dads in their midlife crisis?

Last Friday afternoon, when everyone and their mother was making plans for an exceptionally sunny weekend, our office was still buzzing with the fresh, young energy of 40 students of the Economics & Business Faculty Association from Groningen. They came to visit us to learn more about our company and its ecosystem. Because we do not believe in one-way traffic, we prepared an interactive assignment for these bright minds of tomorrow.

After a quick speech and a guided tour of our work floors and photo studio, we took the opportunity to put their creativity to a test with a fun exercise. We wanted to discover how they see the future of marketing and how they would promote or launch a product or a brand. To get their creative juices flowing we asked them to blindly pick a brand (we made a selection of the brands we work for), a target audience and a moment/location. This resulted in some unexpected, though hilarious situations such as:

  • Nutrilon – retirees – Olympics 2020 Tokyo
  • M&M’s – 50+ woman who like to party – Technology conference
  • Carlsberg – dads with a midlife crisis – Valentine’s Day

We were pleasantly surprised with all of their out-of-the-box ideas. One group had the unusual combination of Ariel as a brand, a summer festival as the setting and gamers as their target group. They brought their given brand to live with a cleverly thought-out game that visitors of the festival could enjoy. By making a competition out of it, their target group could easily be reached. Their idea was a classic wipe out game, with a witty play on the word ‘wipe’, because Ariel removes, or wipes out, stains in clothing.

They all really put their hearts into it and not a single group disappointed; their ideas were thought-out and unmistakably original. We are reassured that the future of our business as a whole is in good, bright, passionate and dynamic hands!